Freeride Highlights in Central Switzerland, Engelberg - Brisen - Andermatt - Disentis and 1 Day Heliskiing

Freeride Highlights in Central Switzerland

Engelberg - Brisen - Andermatt - Disentis and 1 Day Heliskiing

Day 1: Skiing in Engelberg
Steinberg-Laub and Galtiberg. If conditions are good, we   are skiing up to 8000 m HD !!!
Day 2: Brisen 
with the car we drive to the lace of Lucerne,  from Beckenried with the cable-car and ski-lift up to the Klewenalp. From here 2hours skinning we reach the Brisen. We are skiing down a very steep couloir, after beautiful wide open slopes and a little climb up we ski down to the lake of Lucerne. Total 2200m downhill skiing.
Day 3: Andermatt 
we ski all day in hidden valleys, at least 5000m
Day 4: Disentis, Oberalpstock–Staldenfirn
We take the train from Andermatt to Disentis know with the cable-car  and ski-lift up to the Piz Ault. From here about 2h skinning up to the top of the Oberalpstock 3'327m. We have 2500m downhill skiing through a huge steep slope  and glacier until we reach Bristen 800m
Day 5: Heliskiing at the Sustenhorn area
Starting in Engelberg we will fly to the Sustenhorn area. From the Gwächtenhorn we ski down 3 times, each time a different slopes. This day we ski down more than 4500m, trough a huge glacier with very impressive seracs.
4 to 8 participants CHF 650.- / person
Not included: transport, food, accommodation, special equipment you need to hire
The heliskiing day costs additional CHF400.- with 3 rotations (price may change)

Noldi Würsch
Diplomierter Bergführer
Oberbergstrasse 41
6390 Engelberg
Tel. +41 79 606 83 44


Winter 2022 / 2023


10. - 12. Dezember 2022

Skitouren - Einsteigerwochenende

für Anfänger



8. Januar -

13. Januar 2022

Skitourenwoche für Fortgeschrittene 
Gr. Spannort 3198, Uri-Rotstock 2926m u.a.
2000 m Abfahrten


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